I want to thank you for all the help you provided me in selecting and ordering my hug a bub baby carrier. You even called me long distance (to USA) from Australia!!! Wow was I impressed. The help you gave me was above and beyond that of any other company and I really appreciate it.

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my Hug a Bub baby carrier. My 2 year old adopted daughter needed to be on my body to attach well to me and I was unable to find a carrier that would work because of her size and weight (33 pounds). I received my carrier 3 days ago. I was concerned that it would be hard to figure out, but after watching the video, I got the carrier on just fine and put the baby in it. She promptly snuggled up and went to sleep. For the rest of the day, I carried her around in it and the carrier was very comfortable. I have a bone spur in my shoulder and arthritis in my neck and back and have trouble tolerating weight in these areas. I had absolutely no problems at all. My daughter felt like she only weighed half or less than that in the carrier. The weight was so evenly distributed that there was no pressure or pull on my back, shoulders, or neck. The baby was very comfortable and was eager to go in "the pouch" as we call it. The stretch cotton was very comfortable and worked very well, yet hugged the baby tightly to me and she absolutely loved it. I cannot thank you enough or say enough good things about the Hug a Bub baby carrier. It is a dream come true for me and has completely solved all the problems I had, both with helping my daughter to attach and being able to physically carry around such a large, heavy, child with no discomfort. Whoever invented this carrier is a genius!! Thank you.

The only negative I found, which you warned me of, is that is stretches out over time, especially with my child's heavy weight. Washing it puts it back in place fine. I also would like to say that the Denim/cream color you recommended is perfect. It is a very attractive carrier and I was very pleased with its look. I will most likely in the near future order at least one more of your carriers, because I think with the Hug a Bub carrier, I will be able easily to carry my daughter around on my body for at least another year. That way I will have one to wash and one to wear.

I know I sound like a commercial, but I really am that pleased with this baby carrier. It just works so well!! I am just sorry I did not know about this carrier a long time before now. It would have made such a difference. If you like I would be happy to write you a testimonial letter for your website about how and why I am so satisfied with the Hug a Bub baby carrier.

I wish I were selling them myself!!! Thanks so much
Julie Thomas - USA