I have only good news about "hugga" (it already has a nickname here :) ). It's really good one when you are carrying baby inside or outside under your coat. As Finland is a bit cold country, I think it's better to carry under coat when it's -20C outside or even more. But I love this carrying knot as it's so light, you don't even know that you are carrying a baby, it's fantastic. :)

Oh yes, and she loves this position "buddha" where she has her face to direction of travel. I don't remember now if you had this position in your video tape, I have learned it from another carrying knots positions. but hugga is the best one for this position. I attached a picture here so you can see about what position I'm talking about. This is fine position as soon as baby can handle her head, that neck is strong. I haven't used any other carrying knot after getting hugga here. It is so comfort one.

Mia - Finland