My name is Rebecca and I wanted to tell you how utterly amazing your product is. 
I've wanted one for about 3 years (since the birth of my first child) but somehow never got around to getting one. A friend recently bought us one after the birth of our son Morrison who is now 16 weeks old. YAY!  
First, lets rewind to the week before Morrison was born.  I met a woman in Target who was wearing her hugabub with her 8mth old in it.  I stopped her, asked her all about it and she told me about her recent trip to thailand to visiting her husband (who works there).She didn't take a pram at all.  Just her, her four yr old son, her baby and the hugabub. She told me how brilliant it was to be able to carry her luggage.  To have her hands free, a peaceful, secure baby and the ability to still juggle everything on the plane and at the airport. I was sold. Again.
So recently we ventured to QLd for a holiday.  I was able to carry Morrison, who was sleeping all the way through check-in, wheel our bags and I was also able to sit down to breakfast at the crowded Melbourne airport without worrying about wheeling a pram in and out of crowds. 
The picture I have attached for you is my husband Scott who wore the hugabub proudly (he secretly loved all the attention it brought him when people asked about it)... at Ettamogah pub.  Not long after we arrived, around 80 thundering motorbikes pulled up. I could instantly sense that Scott, being a motorbike rider himself, felt like a bit of a 'softie' standing in the Hugabub next to these big tough riders.  The Harley riders all proceeded to ask him about the hugabub and all commented (with beers in hand) about what a great invention it was.  Absolutely surreal moment that still makes us laugh.  Guess you can't judge a hugabub wearer by their covercan you?  LOL 
I have talked to literally hundreds of people in the past 16 weeks about how sensible, comfortable, reliable and versatile the hugabubis.  I am a wizz at putting it on and now Morrison loves to sit facing front wards like a big Esmae Watson. 
I have to say, I am a big girl (piled on 40kg in my last pregnancy and developed back problems during this time. I didn't think I'd be able to 'wear' Morrison for long. Especially since he was a big boy himself (10lb 9oz) but I wore the Hugabub from 6am (getting on the plane) to 3pm and could have literally worn it for the rest of the day. There was no pain in my back at all because his centre of gravity was so close to mine.  
Kindest regards,
Rebecca & Scott
Morrison & Bradman