If you're trying to decide on the best baby carrier to buy, consider your personal preferences along with factors like safety, adjustability and ease of washing. There are various types of carriers available to meet your needs. Soft structured carriers include adjustable buckles and straps which allow you to carry a larger baby (some up to 20kg) but they may not be as comfortable for smaller babies. Ring slings and tie-on wrap carriers are one-size-fits-all, but they're adjustable to fit each individual's shape. The best baby carrier is the one you feel most comfortable wearing and that gives your baby adequate support.

Wearing Your Baby

Using a baby carrier gives you the freedom to use both hands when necessary, and wearing your baby benefits you both. It's much easier to support your precious bundle when the carrier is doing most of the work, preventing excess strain on your shoulder and back muscles. You'll have more mobility, and your baby will love snuggling right

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