Firstly, organic cotton is a naturally grown plant that has very little processing. It is simply plucked off the bush and it's already a fibre.

It's as close to nature as we can get, and that's always a great starting point for babies.

HAB Vanilla Baby On Chest


As well: 

  1. It's non-allergenic. This is great for babies who might have sensitive skin and are susceptible to eczema or skin conditions
  2. It's soft. Newborn skin is very delicate, so this matters
  3. It's washable. Babies need washable items and cotton just gets more comfy the more its washed. 
  4. It's cool. You don't want your baby overheating, so cool cotton clothing is ideal next to bare skin. 
  5. It breathes. This is a wonderful feature of cotton that has to be chemically replicated in artificial fabrics - often unsuccessfully
  6. It's easy to wear. What is it about a cotton t-shirt? A simple cotton dress? We love putting them on, and babies love comfy stuff.
  7. It's not releasing particulate matter that could trigger an asthma attack.
  8. It can be tumble dried or line-dried. 
  9. It's easy to clean without harsh chemicals. Cotton's fibres release dirt when washing, so eco detergents work better on cotton
  10. It absorbs moisture, so it's the go-to fabric for environmental nappies
  11. It's untreated. Synthetics are often finished with chemicals to give them a nice hand feel. Organic cotton is chemical free.
  12. It has less impact on the environment than normal cotton and all the synthetics - and that's your baby's future.
  13. It's biodegradable so the planet is not coping with it hundreds of years after use
  14. It's easy to keep looking nice with simple folding or rolling up
  15. It's absolutely gorgeous fresh off the line, smelling of sunshine and goodness. A happy planet smell.