Hello Tania! Got my hug-a-bub in the mail on Sunday, so only a five day trip! Yeah! And I gotta say...WOW~!~ I am sooooooo impressed! Not only with the sling itself, which is nothing short of the coolest thing in the whole world, but with the video too. I don't know if you've seen many of the videos that come with slings, but Rowan and I have seen a LOT of them in seven weeks, and as a whole, they stink. Bad production, badly done, painful to watch. Yours was professional, glossy, and entertaining too.

And the sling itself?!?!? Glory. I only weigh 120 pounds (around 54 kilos), and Rowan, at seven weeks, weighs 12.5 pounds (around 5.6 kilos). I have tried every baby carrier I could get my hands on, and most of them have left me feeling exhausted, sore, and looking for excuses to put Rowan down. From the first time we put it on, the hug-a-bub was perfectly comfortable for both of us!!! Hurrah!

I went on an extended shopping trip yesterday...and had no less than five women stop me and ask where I'd gotten the fabulous carrier! Thank goodness your URL is printed right on the pocket piece! So...if you get a few orders originating from around Santa Cruz, California, they're my fault! :-) And at a family BBQ a few days earlier, my sister-in-law called in her outstanding baby shower gift, and wants one (the clincher for her was watching me eat, Rowan safely tucked in, while she was trying to negotiate eating with one hand and failing spectacularly). We'd like to pick up a denim and denim, and an aubergine and jade. And we've got the video, so no need to send more.

Will send along a pic as soon as we get one taken! Thanks again! You guys rock! 
Laureen- Santa Cruz California USA