Tallara Caitlyn Doye was born at 9.37pm on Monday 26th May 2003 at the wonderful RPA Birth Centre in Sydney. She has been a complete joy ever since.

Tallara is an Indigenous name meaning 'rain' - a precious resource indeed, and Caitlyn is a Gaelic form of Catherine meaning 'pure' - as the rain should be!

We had a bit of a babymoon for the first few days - getting to know her and learning quickly. Lowanna spent the first few days in bed with Tally and we made our first journey out into the big world last night. Lowanna has been wearing the hug-a-bub since yesterday and felt complete joy at finding freedom after a couple of days of feeling tied to the baby all the time (I do have her as well but with food and everything she needed to spend more time with mum!) Then of course we wore the hug-a-bub when we went out last night. The hug-a-bub is feeling great and doing an amazing job - thank you for creating it with such love.

Kevin and Lowanna and Tallara