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Back Carry Position

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1.  Rings are positioned over your shoulder so they end up in the correct position once baby is on your back. Start with your baby in hip position with the fabric spread under his bottom, to the back of his knees. The upper 'rail' should be pulled high up his armpits or neck.

2. Place your arm up and over the front of your baby's body so your baby is now behind this arm.

3. Begin to lean forward and to the side opposite the hip your baby is on. As you do so, take hold of your baby's legs and the sling fabric from behind you. While leaning forwards, slide him around onto the centre flat of your back. The rings should now be in front, Òcorsage position' because the sling moves with your baby.          Note: re-check baby is secure.

4. While supporting your baby's bottom up at the height you wish to carry, begin to adjust the sling by pulling all sections of the tail until your baby feels snug and secured against you.


Note: If rings are not in the correct position you can move the whole sling around your baby quite easily, before tightening it, while still bent forward.

5. Before standing up check that the fabric is well over your baby's bottom and that her bottom sits above your waistline, preventing lower -backache.

NOTE: the upper rail comes securely up to the child's armpits.

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6. Once standing you can do any final adjustments while supporting your baby's bottom up at carrying height by pulling on the tail as previously instructed.

Remember your child is not tied in and you must take care he is secure at all times.

7.  If your baby is able to bend too far to the side, or arch his back, the sling is not tight enough and needs to be adjusted.

NOTE: To bring baby back around to your front, lean forward and loosen the sling just enough that you can slide him back around under your arm to the front.

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