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...Since I have had my Hug-a-Bub®, Lauren as been with me most of the time and I have no worries whether she is settling, hungry or stressed as she is right with me. I am able to do things with her with me and everyone is happy. Once again, I will recommend this wonderful product to all my friends and enjoy the freeness that your Hug-a-Bub® brings..
Sandra - Australia

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  1. -20 c outside!

  2. 2 year old adopted daughter

  3. 80 thundering motorbikes pulled up

  4. A Gold Star For The Carry Bag

  5. a rod for your back

  6. and my husband LOVES to use it

  7. christmas shopping help

  8. clincher for her was watching me eat

  9. easier feeding

  10. enjoying immensly

  11. feeling tied to the baby

  12. freedom and ease

  13. happy mum because of the hug-a-bub

  14. he feels so secure

  15. hold the baby as much as possible

  16. i think it is even teaching him how to walk

  17. infinitely more comfortable

  18. isn't crying tonight

  19. it made the work guilt free!

  20. Just don't match up

  21. Kicking with excitement

  22. les restricting

  23. lifesaver

  24. Love my hug-a-bub!

  25. my husband loves it

  26. need to observe nature

  27. not that fond of prams and pushers

  28. Refusing to ride

  29. relaxed calm nature

  30. restricted in the peapod.. loves heart to heart

  31. she would wiggle, squirm and become very excited

  32. spinal injury mum and colicky bub

  33. the only carrier that doesn't cause pressure points

  34. their little one's head bobbing around like an apple

  35. thrilled

  36. thrilled to bits

  37. very, very cuddly baby

  38. Why Physiotherapists recommend Hug-a-Bub® ®

  39. worried that I would not figure it out

  40. Love It!

  41. Recaptured infancy

  42. Recaptured infancy

  • The wrap is a lifesaver!

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing product! We absolutely love the Hug-A-Bub wrap, it has been… more

    By: Jessica on | Was this helpful?   (846/795)
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