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A More Considerate Choice. Hug-a-bub Passes Vigorous European And U.s. Standards Tests

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Champagne day! Our wonderful Hug-a-Bub community please celebrate with us the news that Hug-a-Bub has passed the demanding testing regime for the European and US markets.

You know when you buy a cot or a high chair that it has to meet a standard to allow it to be sold into Australia? Well, there is no such standard in Australia for baby carriers or slings, but there is a strict set of standards in place in many countries overseas. 

So, over the past months we've been putting Hug-a-Bub to the test in the international arena, and it passed with flying colours.

For Australian parents, this accreditation gives an extra layer of confidence that not only is Hug-a-Bub 100% organic cotton and Fair Trade, but also meets tough international standards.

The standards ASTM F2907 for the USA and CEN/TR 16512:2015 for the EU include careful testing of product safety and quality, chemical composition, traceability, clear instructions and labelling.

The US standard is mandatory and the EU one is voluntary.

Placing your baby in a baby carrier or sling is very safe, and we want to make sure that every effort has been made to extend that safe environment beyond our families here in Australia. That's why we insist on Fair Trade manufacture and GOTS certified organic cotton, to keep the environments that help us produce a soft and safe wrap carrier as pristine as possible. We want a future that offers hope for our Hug-a-Bub family both here and overseas. 

Meeting the standards is another step in our journey to inspire others to follow Hug-a-Bub's example in being a good citizen brand owned by people who invest in our fragile planet.

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