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Indigenous Designs

Aboriginal art helping the prevention of child abuse

Tex Skuthorpe

Tex Skuthorpe is a popular Aboriginal artist and educator who has devoted much of his time to help children and families of Australia through his art, storytelling and facilitation.

Tex's donation and Hugabub's committment

Tex has kindly painted and donated this story for Hugabub. In return, Hugabub Australia Pty Ltd has committed to donate 10% of all profit from Tex's special Indigenous design to the charity of his choice which is NAPCAN. The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

This is Tex's story about his painting.
"My Name is Tex Skuthorpe. I am a Noonghaburra man from Goodooga. The designs are from my country - Noonghal. This painting is about respect for children and the responsibility of adults to care for children in much the same way, as children were cared for in traditional societies..."

Tex Skuthorpe and Tania (from hugabub), painting "in the middle of the bush" at Peats Ridge Australia


Caring for children through community cont'd

mocha_indigenousLeft: Mocha wrap with Indigenous design pocket... "This painting shows large concentric circles surrounded by figures and 4 smaller circles surrounding that. The large central circle design is painted in dots and represents the child's own community. The colour red represent the men of the community, white is women's colour and yellow represents fire and light.

There are four human figures around the circle representing the people of the community. Red figure for Male, white for female and 2 pink figures representing children and all that is sacred.

Fine white and pink lines join the larger circle to four smaller circles. The four medium concentric represent different communities who all have the same responsibility as the child's own community. The lines symbolise the connection between all the communities and the belief that all children are sacred.

Above either side of the pink child figures are 4 smaller circles indicating elders and children sharing the teachings of their culture. The horseshoe shapes are the human figures viewed from above, the wavy white lines joining them is their communication and the central dot signifies the campfire.

In traditional society children and old people were the most important members of the community - the old people for what they had learnt through their life and the children because they would carry on the law, the religion, the beliefs and the culture. The role and responsibility of all other members of the community was to look after the older people and the children"

Sadly, not all children today experience this type of environment.

But help is available.
The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) is an independent Australian charity committed to stopping child abuse. NAPCAN produces national campaigns and distributes free resources that promote positive and practical actions to stop child abuse. They work with federal, state and non-government organisations to develop child protection legislation, policies and practices that are in the best interests of children.

Visit or phone +61 2 9211 0224 to request NAPCAN brochures, more information about how to protect children and your closest contact.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

ABN 21 904 097 344
PO box K241 Haymarket NSW 1240
Phone: 02 9211 0224 fax: 02 9211 5676

More about Tex Skuthorpe

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