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Placing Your Baby In The Hug-a-bub® Ring Sling

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IMPORTANT - Until baby is secured inside the sling, always use one hand to safely support infant

Below you can find these instructions in a print friendly manner:
  1. Lift baby up on shoulder and then tuck legs under the sling hammock.
  2. Arrange baby into a deep seated position with sling hammock sitting under bottom. Lift baby slightly and re-adjust rings to the correct position if they have moved.
  3. Begin to lift the top edge or 'rail' up over the baby's back.
  4. Lift the top rail to top of baby's head to ensure there is enough fabric to offer good head and neck support if needed.
  5. Bring bottom rail under baby's bottom, with some of the fabric between you and baby to create a secure, deep seat.
  6. Bring all loose fabric around, from the back of sling to the front and 'trap' this loose fabric between the...
  7. Draw 'looseness' into the rings by pulling the sling tail across your body, section by section, towards the corresponding area you wish to tighten.
  8. To tighten the TOP section of your sling pull the TOP of the tail toward to TOP of the sling body, in the direction from which it came, and not down.
  9. Continue to adjust in the same manner for the MIDDLE section of sling.
  10. To tighten the BOTTOM edge or rail, sitting under your baby's bottom, pull the tail toward the BOTTOM of the sling body.
  11. Check that your baby is positioned comfortably and securely in a deep, wide 'squat', with the fabric extending from knee to knee.
  12. For the final adjustment, lift baby slightly and pull shoulder fabric over shoulder and away from your neck for maximum comfort and weight distribution.
  13. Your baby's knees should be positioned higher than their bottom, with their thighs supported to the back of the knee joint.
  14. Baby carriers should support the thigh and allow the legs to spread to keep the hips in a stable position. www.hipdysplasia.org

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