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Step By Step Instructions: Front Wrap Cross Carry Position

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IMPORTANT - Until baby is secured inside the carrier, always use one hand to safely support infant

Below you can find these instructions in a print friendly manner:
  1. Follow Basic Wrap instructions 1 - 4, then pull the fabric over shoulders forwards to tighten the band at your front.
  2. Organise the fabric over each shoulder and ensure it is not bunched or twisted.
  3. Hold baby high on shoulder, and guide baby's feet under the middle band until his bottom rests on the fabric.
  4. Support baby close and position his legs into a deep squat for optimal hip support & development.
  5. Pull the middle band up and over your baby's back...
  6. and down under baby's bottom...
  7. tucking the fabric up between his legs and your tummy.
  8. To tighten the front band, pull the wrap lengths up, out and forwards, one side at a time...
  9. To tighten the front band, pull the wrap lengths up, out and forwards, one side at a time...
  10. ...and secure fabric under baby's bottom. It should already feel tighter.
  11. To specifically tighten the top section of the middle band, lift the fabric edge, closest to your neck, up, forwards then down
  12. and secure this section below baby's bottom.
  13. Then lift and tighten the fabric, on the outer edge of your shoulder in the same manner.
  14. Repeat on the other side. Your baby should now feel firmly support- ed against your body.
  15. Cross the fabric firmly over baby's back and then pass it under baby's knees.
  16. Take the fabric around to your back and make another cross at your waist or sacrum...
  17. and finish tying with a double knot at the front.
  18. In the warmer months, you may prefer to leave the wrap panels slightly open to reduce layering.
  19. Otherwise spread the inner wrap first, then the outer wrap across your baby, from knee to knee and shoulder to shoulder.
  20. Gently pull the wrap over the back of your baby's head to create head support if needed.

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