... we are definitely enjoying the benefits of the hug-a-bub. Hands free and running after my daughter has been easy. I have even be able to take her to kiddies gym with Connor tucked up so I can help her on the balance beams and lift her onto the slides. It is a great product. I was so glad to find it and wished I had known of this with my first child. Many people have stopped and stared and some have approached me asking if I have a baby inside there. Many older, senior people tell me that they use to use a "sling type thing" with their children and everyone did it back then. Little children are extremely fascinated. I had two brochures and have given both away and have told others of your website so I hope this helps to spread the word.

Connor is not yet strong enough in his head to have his head out and unsupported so I always tuck him in tight. He loves being in the hug-a-bub and settles really well. I have learnt that I need to dress him very lightly even on colder days as he just heats up being so close to me and my skin. I am not so comfortable with breastfeeding on the go but the rest of the time is fantastic as Connor is also a bit of a "chucky" baby and this has definitely helped there too.

Thanks again for producing an excellent product. Regards.

Meagan Hartley - a happy mum because of the hug-a-bub. Mount Riverview NSW Australia