Thanks so much for checking in on Matthew and I (and our hug a bub of course!).

Matt LOVES his hug-a-bub. We were given many (and I mean MANY) different styles of carriers as gifts, and lovingly have tried all of them, but we always find ourselves coming back to the hug--he feels most secure in this, I feel, and it gives me the most confidence in wearing him. I don't fear him slipping or falling down into the carrier. I can't tell you what a great product this is--but I'll be developing film soon, so you'll be able to SEE yourself how much Matt loves his hug!

Tiffany Srebrenik - Leonardo, NJ USA

To sum it up in one word 'Great', in fact I think you should employ me as a sales person in Stockport, England where I live. This is due to the amount of people I have displayed it too, and told them how wonderful it is. More importantly mainly strangers too, that have commented how Jude looks so snug in it. It has certainly guaranteed some future orders from Hug-a Bub!

I must confess though I have not tried out all positions with my Hug-a-Bub® as yet, having taken some time to master the first position with Jude upright facing towards me. To be honest I had to watch the instructional video several times to grasp how to do it. I had no problem with the first step i.e. pocket at the front take the two pieces of cloth to the back holding the two together with my left hand, and making sure they stayed firm with my right hand whilst I pulled the first piece of fabric over my left shoulder. It was when the lady on the video said "and the same on the other side" and the camera angle dropped so I couldn't see what she did and it was so fast too! I kept trying, and each time kept twisting the cloth, determined however to get its right I persevered and eventually stood in front of a mirror worked it out. 

As soon as I was successful I got Jude into the Hug-a-Bub® ASAP, he didn't particularly like it when his legs were being pulled through etc., but as soon as all pieces of fabric were in the correct place and I moved around a bit he settled and was soon soundly asleep. I then caught the bus to the local town and how easy it was to do so, as my biggest fear was having to catch the bus with Jude in his pram if I needed to go into the town. As there are a lot of very young Mums in Stockport who tend to congregate in the town centre, and so the majority take the bus there so space is always limited if there is any room at all.

The Hug-a-Bub® is also fantastic for calling just at the local shops should we need just a pint of milk for example, as struggling through heavily weighted doors with a pushchair is a nightmare especially when people stand there and see you struggle!

So as I imagine you have gathered I am very pleased indeed with my purchase it is money well spent, I have sent you two pictures so you can see Jude all snug inside the Hug-a-Bub® please feel free to incorporate them into your website should you wish. The only thing is I look so fat since having Jude that I may scare off potential customers!!! All the best with your business.

Jacqueline O'Connor