We have a beautiful baby boy, Cai Martin, born 19th April. He absolutely loves the hug-a-bub - I think he recognizes the bright red colour on the front. He watches me with interest when I put it on, even when he is a bit grouchy. It soon puts a stop to little grizzles. He likes sitting facing either way and I find it depends on what I'm doing around the house or outside, or going out (eg on the bus) to which position I put him in. Usually if he is awake I will put him facing out so he can see the world. He really only faces in when he is tired or a bit grizzly. I am currently looking for an apron which I can wear to protect the hug-a-bub when I am preparing dinner (not cooking as I reckon anything hot is dangerous) and doing the dishes. I think it is even teaching him how to walk - I find that if I have carried him for even an hour during the day, that night he will move his legs left, right, left, right, while other days when he isnt in it he moves his legs together. Have you found this too?

My husband, Chris, loves to carry him in it too. He prefers it to the pram when he goes shopping for smaller amounts. He carries Cai on the front, a backpack on his back and has two hands free for a few shopping bags. Actually I think he loves the attention they get.

We have had many people ask us about the hug-a-bub and I have given them the website address. It is a shame that there is no distributor in SA .

Esther - SA