"Just to let you know that I received my hug-a-bub about an hour ago and it is wonderful!! I have watched the video, which is very clear, and Joshua is in the Kangaroo hold as I type!! He absolutely loves being in it already! I've also tried him in the face out position and he loves that too and kicks his legs in excitement! He seems so happy and it is amazing how the weight really distributes and I hardly feel like I am carrying him despite him being over 20lbs!!

... . I gave it the true test this afternoon and took my elder son to the park with Joshua in the hug-a-bub, facing out. It's a tough walk up a hill and apart from getting my heart pumping a bit faster (which is great exercise!) from the extra weight. I didn't feel at all uncomfortable wearing the hug-a-bub! It was great... I just wish I'd bought one sooner!!

Thank you again and I look forward to many more hours of baby wearing now I have my hug-a-bub!! "

Tracy Lavery - Hampshire UK