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  • Hug A Bub Ring Sling saved us!

    Had a baby who would not sleep at night. During the day, my daughter's sleep cycles were short and frequent. I had no life and could barely load the dishwasher without interruption from our princess. Even though I am a nurse working in the emergency department at a major Sydney area hospital, I felt ill-equipped to deal with my situation. A friend suggested using a ring sling. I thought she was crazy, but I would have tried anything. Went to our local baby goods store and purchased a Hug A Bub sling. My baby was fast asleep in it before we left the store. I did not want to wake her, so I walked around the block for over an hour. My bub did not make a peep until I had to put her in the capsule for the ride home. I wear her in it everyday--she sleeps and I do laundry, read and have a bit of freedom back! Thank you!

    By: Maricris Cartwright on Apr 14, 2015 | Was this helpful?  
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