Recaptured Infancy

"My daughter is 3 yrs. old 28lbs. adopted from China at age 10 months. My older daughter's attachment therapist, Doris Landy, asked if I would test the Hug-a-Bub® for her. My 3 yr. old was reluctant to use the 'Hug' until she watched your demonstration tape of babies using the Hug. Once comfortable with it she instantly regressed to an infant and settled in. This was what we both needed due to her first 10 months in an institution followed our busy home with 2 sisters already calling on me for attention. Her response to abandonment and institutional care was to become fairly independent with little desire or need for a mother. She seemed to have missed the infant stage and went right into toddler. The primary therapeutic technique called Holding Therapy was helpful but the Hug brought us to a wonderful closeness that I last felt with my birth child as an infant. She relaxes in my arms with a bottle and falls asleep.

I use the Hug in the evening for her one and only bottle of the day. I hold her standing up, one shoulder strap off so her head is at my breast level. After the bottle I slip the strap up over my shoulder and rock her to sleep in the rocking chair. I made a videotape of our evening ritual for Doris Landry to be used at her lectures to Parents waiting to adopt children from China. I think it helped promote your product so look for further orders from Michigan, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for giving one child a chance to recapture a small part of her infancy lost by no fault of her own."

Marianne Schmidt - Michigan, U.S.A