On the first day that we had her I used the hug-a-bub to help promote bonding and closeness with her. She took to the carrier like a fish to water. She loved it! I think it felt warm and safe to her and that is what she needed at such a time of transition. For the next week and a half I would wear her in it for half the day, at least. When she saw that I was pulling it out in the morning she would wiggle, squirm and become very excited. She loved it that much. Sarah also slept in it most days from 10am to noon while we toured her beautiful birth country.

I love the hug-a-bub. It made my trip so much easier and more enjoyable. I watched as others had to have two people help them put on their carriers and get their children adjusted in them. Not me. Sarah went in willingly and happily each time. I also loved the closeness it provided. Nothing is better in this world than having a sleeping baby on your chest. It made me feel like all was right in the world.

I cannot say enough good about the hug-a-bub. I am so glad that I found your website and am telling others of how wonderful your product is. I am attaching two pictures. One is of me wearing Sarah. Notice she is asleep. It was just after ten o'clock. The second is a close up of her. I have to brag and say that she is absolutely adorable. 

Julie Pendleton mom to Sarah from Erie, Pennsylvania USA