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Since you are likely to be using your hugabub day in, day out for many hours at a time, we suggest, when considering which colour to buy, you choose a colour that will best compliment the colours you wear each day. We have tried to stick to the more neutral tones that will not clash with other colours and that are not specifically suited to the gender of the wearer or the baby.

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While we do have a blue and we do have a raspberry , they look great on both men and women.

If you live in a warmer climate or your baby is due in the middle of summer, we would suggest staying away from Black as it does pull in the heat from the sun if you are outdoors. We love to receive feedback and if there is a colour you feel should really be added to our range, by all means, let us know.

You might think that choosing a darker colour will mean it is easier to look clean but in general, the opposite is true. Darker colours are harder to spot clean and require more regular washing. However, clean or dirty, your hugabub wrap carriers will require regular washing. They are made of knitted cotton and each time you wear the carrier, it will stretch a little. Eventually, there will be little stretch left in the fabric and the stretched weave creates areas of strain across the stitching. A quick wash and line or tumble dry will bring the bounce and the comfort back to the fabric.

If you love your carriers as much as we think you will, you might be find, like a good percentage of our customers that you want to have a second wrap for when yours is in the wash, or just for a second colour option. We have some great bundle deals which saves you money and provides you with some good options.

Please note that not all images will appear exactly the same on each screen and colours may vary slightly from the true colour.

Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page if you are looking for our ring slings or Children's play wraps.

If we do not have stockist close to you, you can place your order directly from the 'Colours' page or you can click on the 'Buy Now' button and it is hear you will find our bundle deals, different styles and our 'special of the week.'

Our orders are shipped daily by either Australia Express Post or Fastway Couriers and delivery time is generally 1-3 days. If your order is urgent , or is a gift, please let us know in the 'Comments' field during the order process. We will do our best to see that is gets to you as fast as possible.

Where ever possible we recommend purchasing your Hugabub at least 1 month before your baby comes. This will give you a chance to practise and master using the wrap or the sling before you baby is born. Customers who buy their Hugabub after the baby is born generally lament that they 'wish they had it from the beginning'. They really do help take the stress and uncertainty out of those first few weeks with a new baby. You will feel calmer and your baby will be calm, content and cry less. All of these factors help make the bonding process flow as nature intended.

If you have any questions about our colours, the ordering process or any specific concerns you may have, please don't hesitate to call us on (+61) 02-8911-0642 .

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