Girls, Firstly, thankyou so much for your very personalised approach to sending your product. My husband was very impressed with that, so too was I.

Secondly, can you send me some more brochures; everyone who has seen me wearing my hug a bub is firstly intrigued by it then overwhelmed by my testimony for it. I have a spinal injury. Our little Imogen suffers from colic in the bowel. She loves to be upright and I have been constantly carrying her around. Now my hands are free and because she is so well fixed to my body she feels comfortable and safe with little or no pain. I too have little or no pain now because her weight is so well dispersed across my back. My husband went to work today and bragged about the hug a bub too. The moral to the story is.... we can't see your product enough, but we need the brochures to give to people. I tell them about the web address but there are still many who are technophobes. She is attached to me as I write this and the only way she would settle tonight was in the hug a bub -not even cradled in my arms.