I only have one bub, but I used her Hug-A-Bub constantly for about 8 months and less often for the next 3 or so, although people use them for much longer ...especially when their baby needs settling (it's the most wonderful thing for that). I washed it many, many times and it always came out perfect (occasionally I machined dried it - and you can - but I hang dry most of my things by choice). I've since lent it to a friend and it is still in great shape.

On getting the baby into, at first it might seem a little daunting (the piece of fabric is huge), but once you get the hang of it (it comes with an instruction video) putting it on becomes second nature. At first, I was always looking in the mirror to make sure I had the back right and untwisted, but in a short time I was putting it on in a few seconds and getting Sophie in there in a flash ... where she always settled almost immediately. (Getting it on right is very important, so you must persevere

... once you do, the feeling is amazing).

Honestly, I can't praise this carrier enough. When I see other women with the Baby Bjorn or similar holders (like most Aussie mums & dads), with their little one's head bobbing around like an apple, I want to shout "Hug-A-Bub" at them! 

Lisa and baby Sophie - Bondi Australia