I received my hug-a-bub in the mail this morning and I was both very excited and a little hesitant on how Josh would like it - he is a VERY, VERY cuddly baby - not liking to be far from my shoulder during the day. As much as I love cuddling him, I sometimes get a wee bit frustrated with all the things that don't get done!! We have tried other pouches but he doesn't seem to like them either (just his mum!!)

"Anyway I just had to say a big thank you and let you know it's only been day 1 and Josh is fast asleep in his hug-a-bub as we speak!! Today I have managed to get washing, dishes, and even a walk in - while still cuddling my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I wish I had of found you guys 2 months ago!!!!!!!" 

Sherryn & Joshua