CAUTION! Review All Instructions Thoroughly Before Using This Carrier.

For more detailed Instructions, we highly recommend you watch our video instructions on

Please inspect your wrap's seams and fabric for any damage or 'wear and tear' before each use. Do not carry your baby in the wrap if any damage is noticed. Contact Hug-a-Bub.

Breathing And Airflow Warning.

Always position your baby so that he has good airflow. Check your baby's breathing at regular intervals and ensure that at no time is your baby's nose or mouth obstructed by the sling, clothing or your body. Ensure your baby's chin is not sagging to his chest as this could block his airways. Your carrier should never be worn so tight that it restricts your baby's breathing or your own. You should both be able to take deep breaths comfortably.


The carrier is not flame or fire resistant. Do not use this carrier near an open flame or other heat sources.

Choose Safe Activities

Do not wear your baby during any activities that may place your baby at risk of harm such as driving, or as a passenger in a vehicle, while cooking, joggling or cycling. Do not wear the baby in the wrap when working near or around dangerous objects that are within your child's reach.


Always be aware that your baby is safely and securely carried within the wrap. Failure to use the carrier as instructed could result in your baby falling out, causing serious injury or death.

Balance And Body Dimensions

Your center of gravity, body dimensions and balance change when you wear your baby in a wrap. Take extra care when on uneven surfaces, going through doorways and when bending or leaning.

Get Help

It might be helpful to have a second person assist you the first few times you try the wrap.


When worn correctly the Hug-a-Bub® Wrap will offer both wearer and baby exceptional comfort. Your wrap is designed to adjust your baby's weight into your body. If you are not comfortable check that your wrap is adjusted properly for a snug fit.

Customer Support

For more information, check out our online FAQ page, but if you require any additional support, please call us at 02-8911-0642 (or from outside Australia +61 2-8911-0642), or email us at We are here to help you.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of the materials and construction of this product, no responsibility for accident or injury of any type resulting from its use or misuse is assumed by Fertile Mind Pty Ltd under any circumstances. Use of the Hug-a-Bub products by the purchaser (and all subsequent users) is undertaken at the user's risk.