3 Versatile Positions

Hug-a-Bub® has 3 different carrying positions offering a versatility which enables you to meet the different moods and needs of your baby, from prematurity through to toddler-hood.

Heart To Heart Or Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

This vertical chest-to-chest position is wonderful for settling babies, bonding, and relieving the symptoms of colic and reflux. (Suitable for newborn babies - 18 months).

A favoured position for everyone first learning to wear their baby because it is a pre-tied carry. You put the wrap on first and are able to put the baby in and out through out the day as needed, without having to take it off. View instructions here.

Front Wrap Cross Carry Or Kangaroo Carry

The Front Cross Carry wrap is so wonderful because, no matter what size your baby is you are able to get a custom carry every time, tailored to you and your baby. This position is not pre-tied but tied and tighten over your baby, which may be a preferable position if you are carrying a heavy baby because it is so easy to tighten along the way if needed.View instructions here.

Koala Cuddle

A variation of 'heart to heart' that allows older babies to have their upper body free from the straps, creating a less restrictive hold. If babies fall asleep in this position, you have the option to tuck their arms back under the straps for extra support. (Suitable for 4mths- 3 years)