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  1. November 07, 2017

    Newbie Love Joins Hug-a-bub As A Hip Healthy Product

    Newbie Love premium cushioned wrap baby carrier has been acknowledged as a hip healthy baby carrier by the IDHI (the International Hip Dysplasia Institute).

    According to the IDHI, Newbie Love is "acknowledged as hip healthy when used as directed" and Newbie Love was recognised for developing products that consider the importance of hip development during infancy. 

    When tied correctly, and according to instructions, Newbie Love holds babies in the hip healthy froggy position, with baby's knees as high as baby's belly button height in a spread/squat deep seat position. Fabric from knee to knee supports baby's weight evenly, and the legs don't dangle straight down. 

    For further information about Newbie Love go to

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  2. November 01, 2017

    Survey Shows Parents Surprised There's No Aussie Baby Carrier Standard

    More than 75% of parents or mothers expecting a baby do not know that Australia has no standards covering baby carriers and slings.

    Only 25% of respondents in the Fertile Mind Babywearing in Australia survey said they knew this was the case.

    One respondent wrote "I was not aware of that and that is very concerning" while another wrote "That surprises me".

    Hug-a-Bub meets US and EU standards for baby slings, bringing peace of mind to parents in Australia and New Zealand in the absence of local standards.

    The survey, now in its fifth year, asked 1629 Australian parents about baby carriers and their use.

    Certified baby carrier instructor Christine Kininmonth, Director of Fertile Mind, said it was concerning also to see that almost half of all respondents did not know the T.I.C.K.S. rule (an acronym for the internationally-recognised rules to check baby is in a safe carrying position).

    "Given that the ACCC is pushing education

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  3. November 01, 2017

    Press Release - Iconic Parenting Brand Releases New Design To Support LGBTQIA Parents

    Popular baby brand Hug-a-Bub has thrown its support behind Rainbow Families, a community managed organisation that provides support to children and families within the NSW Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTIQ) community.

    The newest Hug-a-Bub baby carrier features the rainbow flag, the most prominent symbol of the international gay rights movement.

    The flag has brilliantly saturated stripes which are said to communicate beauty,

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