Hug-a-Bub has been named in a list of cult baby items mums swear by, and we couldn't agree more! 

While Kidspot parenting editor Lucy Kippist does make the point that the Hug-a-Bub takes a bit of effort to learn to tie and she didn't try with her own baby, she's acknowledged that the mums who persist tell her they completely fall in love with it and so she's included it in her list. 

And, we can back her up with literally hundreds and hundreds of testimonials showing there is simply no smoother, more sensory way to carry your newborn. It really is worth the effort (and it only takes a few practices). 

Anyway, we thought we'd help you along a bit here and give you a quick cheat sheet on what else made the list: 

QV Bath Oil $19.99, Aldi wipes and nappies (wipes are 80pk for $1.89), Love to Dream swaddle $39.95, Bonds Wondersuits $24.95, Bonds singlets and socks, Ikea bulk face washers $3.99 for a four pack, Avent bottle steriliser $99.99, B Box drink bottles $14.99, K Mart pram $20, Hug-a-Bub from $89, Zinc and castor oil cream $4.95, Gro Egg $34.95 and Ergobaby carrier, prices vary (around $199). 

Interestingly, Sophie le Giraffe is pictured on this post, but she's not listed in the list. We're sure this is an omission,as this beautiful little French made giraffe is a very popular product, and it's worth looking at the You Tube video showing how they make it. 

Enjoy using your cult products, and we have baby carrier instructors here to help if you, like Lucy, are a bit nervous about learning the tying method. It's very easy, really!