Skin on skin is the best way to make those hormones really surge. 

What are some of the wonderful things that happen when you carry your baby snuggled in nice and firmly in a Hug-a-Bub? 

Well, for a start carrying your baby provides the elements of pressure, motion, warmth, security and sound that is essential to the development of the vestibular nervous system.  This is the system that teaches us where we are in space, which is necessary for us to learn to crawl and walk. 

The development of motor skills is all predicated on the development of a strong working vestibular nervous system.

Your baby is calmer.  Quite simply the stress hormones and adrenalin so obviously present in a bawling baby lying in a pram or on a floor can be lowered almost immediately by picking your baby up and wrapping them tightly to you.  The organic cotton used in Hug-a-Bub is not too stretchy to facilitate that feeling of security and being held tight. 

Babies feel l

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